A typical workout consists of the following:

-A WARM-UP (5-10 minutes)

The goal of the warm-up is to increase your heart rate, promote blood flow to the muscles, lubricate the joints, increase mobility, etc. We also implement client-specific exercises to prepare certain muscles that are "inactive" based on each client's needs. This is how we prepare your body to move!

-The workout (40-45 minutes)

This is the "meat and potatoes" of the session. We use a combination of resistance training (body weight, free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, TRX suspension trainer, exercise balls, etc.) to improve our client's strength, muscle tone, balance, coordination, core strength and stability, We also incorporate conditioning drills to improve your cardiovascular health. See the snapshot below for an example workout from Phase 1 of our Progressive Athletics Exercise Program System.

-the COOL-DOWN (5-10 minutes)

The "cool-down" is essential, however it is an often overlooked step for some trainers. Our coaches utilize proper and client-specific cool downs after every workout as it is necessary for wellness progress. Because every client is built differently and has different trouble areas, the cool-down is always unique to the client. We teach our clients a variety of specific stretches, proper foam rolling, and self myofascial release techniques. These techniques alleviate pain, reduce soreness, improve flexibility, and maximize mobility. This allotted time also serves as an educational point for our clients so they can understand the methods behind cool-down techniques. One of our goals as coaches is to teach you how our body works. All of our coaches are skilled in static/PNF stretching techniques.

Click here to see our video gallery of stretches so you can perform them on your own!


*Duration of session time varies on a session to session basis. We don't keep a strict eye on the clock.Your coach will accomplish everything that needs to be done within the workout. Workouts may sometimes go over or under 60 minutes*