7 Ways to Get More Water In

Let's face it...we all know that we should be drinking more water (at least 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces to be exact!) Despite knowing this, most Americans fail to consume anywhere near that amount. Follow these 7 simple steps to increase your daily water intake  

1) Wake up and Chug- It's literally that easy. Keep a full bottle of water next to your bed. As soon as that alarm goes off, do your best to finish the entire bottle (in a safe manner!)

2) Water Cooler Runs- If you work a desk job, head to the water cooler once every hour. It's a great way to stretch your legs and refuel on fresh H2O

3) Water Bottle Investment- Invest in a water bottle with measurement hashes. It takes the guesswork out of it and you can sip and refill throughout the day

4) Pre/Post meeting Gulp- In my industry, I usually do this before and after every training session or phone call. Meetings require energy and usually a decent amount of conversation. Drink a moderate amount before and after every meeting

5)Travel/On the go- This is where the water bottle is your best friend. Always have it filled and in your cup holder. When you're out driving or running an errand, drink some water while at a red light. Identify water fountain stations at frequently visited places...that way you will have easy access to fresh/cold water

6) Workout Window Optimization- Your trainer will ensure that you drink water during your workout, but it's your job to drink water before and after your training sessions. Aim to drink at least half a bottle 45 minutes before and after your session. Also perform this practice during your individual cardio sessions

7) Post Dinner Drink- After a long day, kick back with a glass of cold water an hour before bedtime

*Bonus Tip*

This one may sound like a reach but it has worked for some of my clients! You can set up smart phone reminders throughout the day (after getting out of bed, before or after a meeting, during a drive, etc.) that prompt you to drink water. If you've got something scheduled, you're more likely to adhere to it. 

Follow these tips and hitting your water intake will easily become a habit. To learn about the benefits of drinking water, check out my next  blog post.