There's No Excuse To Not Be Super Freakin' Healthy In Howard County

Howard County is the second healthiest county in Maryland falling slightly behind Montgomery County. (Curse you Montgomery County!) As health moves more and more toward the forefront of our countries mind, consistently proving yourself as one of the healthiest counties in the state is no small feat. Howard County ranks where it does for good reason. This article looks at 3 reasons why you should be the healthiest you've ever been if you're a Howard County resident.

1) Online Resources

Our Health Department is second to none. I could probably get away with posting a link to their website and finish the article right there. Check out all of the resources available ranging from child health to cancer prevention. I'm not saying we offer more resources than Montgomery County... But we offer more resources than Montgomery County.

This guy gets my logic...

This guy gets my logic...

So obviously our government resources are superb, but if you thought that was incredible, let's take a look at the Columbia Association. CA could be considered the gold standard of fitness in Howard County (Although personally I think it's Progressive Athletics). Everyone knows what Columbia Association is and chances are, they have been a member at some point or currently are.

2) Columbia Association

For those of you who don't know, Columbia Association is the non profit organization in charge of running Columbia. The crown jewel of Howard County that just ranked as the #1 place to live by money magazine. Columbia has always put health and wellness at the top of its priority list. Some of the entities that Columbia Association operates are...

  • 3 full-service fitness clubs
  • 3 tennis clubs
  • 4 indoor swimming pools and a hot water therapy pool
  • 23 outdoor swimming pools, including two Mini-WaterParks
  • Columbia Archives
  • Columbia Art Center
  • Columbia DogPark
  • Columbia Ice Rink
  • Columbia SportsPark and SkatePark
  • Fairway Hills Golf Club
  • Haven on the Lake
  • Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club

So yes, as you can see, health is very clearly an important part of the Columbia Association vision as evidenced by their list of things to do as well as their ridiculous budget. If you don't like to lift weights you can do some yoga. If yoga bores you to death go play some golf. You have absolutely no excuse not to be active in some facet. Also, before you say these things are too far, this is Howard County. Everything is 15 minutes away.

3) Health Related Small Businesses

Howard County is a hotbed for small businesses. The social and successful nature of Howard Countians creates an environment for success in small business. With this in mind, it makes sense that there are so many health and wellness business scattered across the county. Anything you can think of, from massages to personal training, is a short drive away. Or if you don't have the time, a lot of these businesses will make the drive to you. (Yes that was a shameless plug for Progressive Athletics)

Especially shameless self promotion

Especially shameless self promotion

If you're looking for a health and wellness business close to home, check out the Chamber of Commerce website. How are those excuses for not being in shape holding up?

You've got a metric shit ton of resources in your neighborhood and you're still not sold yet?

Check out that chamber website and find a local therapist to help you with those mental blocks. 

Until next time my friends,

Stay Healthy