4 People To Get Keep You Motivated

Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 11:07
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When it comes to fitness, we all struggle with motivation from time to time. We start off super pumped about our goals, and when that initial excitement wears off, we're left wondering where it went.

Sometimes when we are struggling to recapture that same motivation, it helps to borrow motivation from someone else.

Over the past decade, I've been obsessed with motivational speakers. I think they provide a true service to the world in helping people feel inspired in an effort to reach their life goals. They provide a mentorship that is easily accessible via audiobook or youtube.

Below are my top 4 Motivational Speakers that I recommend to those who could use a little kick in the pants.

1) Eric Thomas

I talk about him all the time and if you've read any of my articles you are probably already familiar with who he is. Eric Thomas has had a tough life. Born to a single mother, he eventually dropped out of High School and ended up homeless for 2 years on the streets of Detroit. While homeless he met a preacher who inspired him to get his life back on track and he did just that. 

He started attending church regularly, where he met his wife, and climbed the educational ladder all the way from GED to PHD. Known as the Hip Hop Preacher, Thomas brings a unique energy to the motivational speaking scene. He is raw, gritty, and real. He doesn't care about your feelings. All he cares about is getting you to take action, and he definitely does an amazing job of that.

Watch his most popular speech HERE>>

2) Grant Cardone

There are no limits in life. Grant Cardone makes sure you understand that, and he would know. Although he grew up in a solid middle class family, a series of terrible decisions led him to become a drug addict. He struggled to take ownership of his life and after getting tired of standing in the unemployment line, he vowed to make a change. 

Channeling all of his energy into becoming the best salesman he could, he climbed the ranks at his company until reaching a point of self employment. He's managed to build a $500 million real-estate empire, publish multiple New York Times Bestsellers, and as a motivational speaker he hosts the worlds largest personal development conference "10X Growth Con". When listening to him, it's not hard to tell he has a sales background. 

His charisma is off the charts and he brings an element of humor that is disarming. This is super beneficial because it breaks down the walls we build up and allows him to speak to your soul to get you motivated. 

Watch his most popular speech HERE>>

3) Mel Robbins

We don't normally bring science into the world of motivational speaking, but Mel does it seamlessly. When she was 41 she was facing a crossroads. Unemployed and facing bankruptcy, she found herself struggling to get her life back on track. One night as she was drowning her problems with booze, she had had enough. She wondered what would happen if instead of thinking about what she wanted to do, she just took action. This led to her creating a 5 second rule that states that when you want to do something, you have to get moving in under 5 seconds, or you are far less likely to take action. 

She has particular a way of explaining why we do the things we do, and proving it by putting the numbers behind it. This works well though because it creates a sense of confidence knowing the WHY behind what you're experiencing. She also gives you tactics to overcome the roadblocks that you're experiencing. An accomplished author and motivational speaker, Mel is definitely a go to in the motivational speaking scene.

Watch her most popular speech HERE>>

4) Tom Bilyeu

Last but not least we have the co-founder of Quest Nutrition. Tom, his wife, and a handful of others built Quest Nutrition over the course of 9 years, eventually selling it to Simply Good Food for $1 billion in 2019.

Tom then started the incredibly popular "Impact Theory" talk show. With over 1,500,000 followers, he uses the platform to interview successful people from a range of backgrounds all in an effort to help motivate people to take action on their goals.

You could consider him a "meta motivator" because, even though he does some motivational speaking himself, the real motivation comes in the interviews he hosts on Impact Theory. He asks strategic questions to the likes of Terrell Owns, Gary Vaynerchuck, John Paul Dejoria, Tim Ferriss, and Jordan Harbinger to name a few. His platform provides insight into the ways these successful people think and the nuggets gained over the course of every 40-45 minute episode are invaluable. By paying close attention to what his guests say, you can find commonalities between all of them in the advice they give to succeed in reaching your goals. And therein lies the value of what he does.

Watch his most popular speech HERE>>

So there you have it.

If you feel yourself struggling to get motivated, give a listen to one of these 4 speakers and I promise it will light a fire under you and get you moving.

Hope This Helps
Coach Mark