Your Personal Coaches


Mark Covington,

Chief Motivation Officer

Born and raised in Howard County, Mark was an All-State running back at Howard High School ‘09. He took his talents to Gettysburg College ‘13, but was uncertain of what he wanted to do with his life upon graduation. A lifelong athlete, he had always worked out… so he began hitting the gym hard and underwent a mental transformation of his own.

He realized how exercise is a perfect metaphor for life. We only get what we put into our workouts, and we must take full ownership of our health. Nobody can do it for us. With this realization, Mark decided to pursue fitness as a career so that he could help others come to the same realization he did and help them pursue what they truly want.

After working at a few different box and franchise style gyms, he became disenchanted with them since they seemed to be mostly concerned with profits. He wanted to create a place where the focus wasn’t dollar signs, but genuinely helping people transform themselves both physically… and mentally. So he set out to pave his own way.

He began his entrepreneurial journey doing “In-Home” personal training so that he could save up enough money to afford moving into his own location, and in January of 2018…he did just that with Progressive Athletics.

To date, he has helped hundreds of individuals transform their lives, take control of their health, and become who they were truly meant to be.

Having trained politicians, T.V. personalities, executives, and entrepreneurs… Mark has a knack for getting busy individuals in tremendous shape.

Highly certified, highly passionate, and highly motivated… he will do everything in his power to ensure his members develop the skill of fitness in an effective and efficient manner.

Mark is also co-founder of 4thQTR, Inc., a nonprofit that uses sports as a vehicle to mentor local youths in Howard County.


-NSCA - Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist-

-NASM - Certified Personal Trainer-

-NPTA - Certified Personal Trainer-

-AHA - CPR/AED Certified-

-PN - Certified Nutrition Specialist- (pending)


Joe Soto, Coach

From the Marines to the Federal Government to the Boxing Ring, Joe has seen it all.

He is a highly decorated personal trainer, boxing coach, and yoga instructor.

His passion for human performance knows no bounds and he is ready to help you achieve greatness.


-ACE - Certified Personal Trainer-

-USAB - Certified Boxing Instructor-

-Vinyasa Flow - Certified Yoga Instructor-

-CPR/AED - Certified -


Jesse “The Technician” Davidson, Coach

With a background in bodybuilding and powerlifting, Jesse truly knows the body inside and out. He is a master at helping our clients utilize perfect form every time to get the most out of their workouts.

Adapting his physique to gain muscle, or lose weight in order to increase his athleticism… health and nutrition have become second nature.


-NPTA - Certified Personal Trainer-

-CPR/AED - Certified-


Britnie Britton, Coach

Exercise has helped Britnie escape some incredibly stressful periods of her life, and has made it her personal mission to pay it forward.

She loves the art of coaching and helping her clients feel empowered through excellent workout programming and nutrition coaching.


-NASM - Certified Personal Trainer-

-CPR/AED - Certified-