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In an effort to help as many people as possible on their fitness journey, we offer online coaching. Online coaching is simple with Progressive Athletics. Depending on your goals, we develop an exercise, cardio, flexibility, and nutrition program. We use Google Sheets and/or Trainerize, a free app where we can track and prescribe workouts, nutrition coaching, and monitor your progress in order to achieve optimal results.

This service is typically best for clients who are confident in their ability to exercise alone, need nutritional guidance, or for those training for a specific competition, race, or goal.



  • Includes an initial Skype or in person consultation (if possible)
  • Weekly check-ins via email and access to personal cell phone
  • Nutrition Tracking via MyFitnessPal and Trainerize (no additional cost)
  • Convenience of month-by-month payment (see below)

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