The Results Speak For Themselves


Jon W.

Several months ago I realized I was probably in the worst shape of my life at a time when I needed to have more energy and stamina. Given my crazy schedule, I had fallen into bad eating and sleeping habits to compound my lack of exercise. Knowing that I did not have the will-power to join a gym and drive somewhere to workout, I figured the only way to be successful was to have a trainer come to my home. So, just six months ago I met Mark and Haaris at Progressive Athletics; my wife had worked out with Haaris before he had formed Progressive with Mark, and enjoyed her workouts with him. After assessing our needs, Mark took on Margaret and myself as clients.

We each spend an hour with Mark for a personalized workout three days a week. I can honestly say that I cannot believe the success I have experienced while enjoying every workout… well almost every one :). Given how out-of-shape I was, the first few sessions were rough, but Mark’s positive attitude and encouragement helped me through. His approach is “progressive” 4-6 sessions of a series of activities which lead to a new set that is more challenging and focused on other parts of the body. Besides the physical fitness, Mark worked with us on our nutrition - not a diet, just a lifestyle that works for us. 

So my results in just six months…

- I have lost over 20 pounds

- I’m in the best shape I’ve been in over 20 years, since I left the Army. I can actually pass an Army physical fitness test for people 12 years younger than me. 

- I’m significantly healthier… due to the improvements from exercise and healthier eating, a few ailments I have are gone and my blood pressure, which runs high, is normal. 

- I look forward to exercising and started to run on my own on the days I’m not working out with Mark. 

The things I love about working with Progressive...

- The sessions are fun and challenging and change before you can get bored with an exercise. 

- Mark and Haaris are GREAT motivators

- They’re flexible… If you don’t like an exercise or it doesn’t feel right they’re quick to make the adjustment. It’s no problem, if you need to make a change in your exercise date or time. 

- Mark truly cares about our success, health, and mindset. He’s interested in the whole person!

Working with Progressive was the best investment I have ever made in my physical and mental health. I’m looking forward to achieving new goals that I would never have thought possible just six months ago.

Melissa W.

I chose Progressive Athletics for the convenience and time management. I work at home and have limited time for working out due to my schedule. With Progressive Athletics, Mark will schedule our session, he brings all the necessary equipment and I am ready to work out for the time allocated. It works perfect into my busy schedule and I love it! I've been working out with Progressive Athletics for over 4 months now, and it has honestly been better than I expected. My body is transforming and is becoming stronger each week. I look forward to every session! I love the rotation of workouts that Mark coordinates-arms/legs/abs/core etc. I also like seeing my progress when we have evaluations every 30 days. My strength has improved considerably- I love the way I feel about myself and love the results thus far. I am looking forward to getting even stronger, learning more exercises I can do in between workout sessions, and continuing with the nutritional information/diet that has been discussed. I love the healthy recipes Progressive Athletics shares in their newsletter. I am constantly sharing my story, sharing the Progressive Athletics' story and trying to make everyone aware of their awesome business. I am posting an overview on both CLES PTA website and BMMS PTA website which hundreds of families read weekly. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to get into amazing shape!

Margaret W.

I contacted PA because I was interested in personalized training. Mark is someone that my husband and I know in the community, and I knew he could help me with personalized training. I have tried working out at gyms and other fitness facilities, but I was not getting the personal attention that I wanted from a trainer. I really like the varied exercise routines. I am never bored and am always learning about what type of exercise and equipment works best for me. My goals for better health and weight loss are always the focus of my workouts.

 I have been training with Mark for almost 6 months and I am halfway to my weight loss goal and I feel healthy and strong! I am a huge fan of PA! I have recommended PA to several of my friends since starting back in May, and will continue to do so. I am looking forward to reaching my goal weight and learning how to do push-ups properly :) I also plan on signing up for a few 5K races in the spring as my husband and I improve our running skills!

Bill N.

Over the last few years I had noticed some negative changes in my balance, flexibility, and cardio conditioning and my doctor had been telling me for years to lose some weight and to exercise regularly.  My doctor was convinced that if I, a Medicare aged man, could lose 15 or 20 lbs. and started regularly exercising my high blood pressure and my pre-diabetic sugar level would fall back into the normal range.  So I finally decided to follow doctor’s orders and began a search for a personal trainer that could provide me with the expertise and discipline I personally needed.  I selected - Progressive Athletics.

I could not be happier with the trainer assigned to my case, Mark Covington, CSCS.  We were able to work out a training schedule designed to help me accomplish my goals, while providing flexiblity for my work schedule.  My goals were to lose weight, through a healthier diet and better nutrition - not a starvation diet; re-gain flexibility and balance; improve strength; and improve cardio-vascular condition.  My trainer developed a gradually challenging workout program that is constantly changing, so it’s never boring.  Also, the workout routine is realistic while difficult for someone my age.

Quite frankly I could not be happier with the results we have obtained in three months...

*My weight is down 15 pounds.

*My blood pressure is down to 126/69 and my blood sugar has dropped below the pre-diabetic threshold. 

*Importantly, not only is my weight down, but I have lost over 2 inches from my waistline;

*Gained strength and improved flexibility.  If feels very good when the positive changes in your appearance are noticed by other people. 

There is no doubt that I can now do exercises I could not accomplish when we started and with more repetitions; plus my cardio has improved.  As an unexpected benefit, I am sleeping better and I am more relaxed.  The exciting part is we are just getting started.

Obviously, I am more than happy that I selected Progressive Athletics and would strongly recommend anyone in search of a professional trainer, whether for health or appearance reasons, or both, to consider Progressive Athletics. 

I look forward to continuing this journey, my goals for further physical fitness and a healthier appearance remain unchanged and I now have confidence that my next goal is reachable.

Daina H.

I was introduced to Progressive Athletics through the "8 To Great" Neighborhood Bootcamp run by Mark and Haaris. 

Once the boot camp concluded for the winter, I decided I wanted to continue working with Progressive Athletics. Working out with Mark and Haaris has been extremely helpful because their workouts have structure and they pick the best exercises for my goals (be it health reasons, weight loss, strength, etc.).

Since I started attending the bootcamps and working out one-on-one, my strength has improved greatly. My body shape has improved. More muscle definition and less “wobbliness” are also some of the benefits I've noticed. I am more conscious about my nutrition. I utilize the Trainerize and MyFitnessPal apps that they recommend which makes it much easier to follow calorie intake. The apps also allow them to hold me accountable with my eating habits.

I like working out with Progressive Athletics and I like that I don’t have to think of the right exercises and right execution during my workouts. My trainer makes exercise plan and takes out all of the guesswork. 

I've seen results since working with Mark and Haaris and completing these workouts, so yes, I am very happy with my choice and my experience. 

Anyone who wants to get an excellent cardio workout through bootcamp, or an excellent one-on-one workout with a highly qualified personal trainer, should consider PA. 

It’s important for me to be strong, fit and healthy. So, I am looking forward to continuing my workouts with the PA team.

Jen Z.

I am a runner and have been training with a running group for a long time. I decided to take the next step and start strength training with a trainer. I have trained with Haaris for a while now and really enjoy training with him. He mixes up my workouts so I don't get bored. He also tailors them to what I am doing with my running training. I have seen dramatic changes in my strength and endurance while running. He is also very knowledgeable about stretching and foam rolling for recovery. I would recommend him to any runner or athlete I know.

Amy G.

I have been working with Progressive Athletics and Mark Covington for the last couple of months and can't recommend them highly enough! Deciding to invest in personal training was a difficult decision for me. Although I was already working out on a regular basis, my whole focus was on cardiovascular training. As a result, my routine and progress had become stagnant. As I approached my mid-40s, and the metabolism that goes along with it, I realized that a daily run was going to do no more than maintain me at my current weight and fitness level. I knew that incorporating strength training and variety into my routine was going to be the key to seeing the results I desired, but I was intimidated by the idea of figuring out a weight and core regimen on my own. With three children and a full-time job, I was also concerned about the financial and time commitments involved with personal training. After just one meeting with Mark and Haaris, during which they took the time to carefully listen to my story and understand my personal goals, my concerns were quickly alleviated. I realized that an investment in my personal health and wellness was an investment in my whole family and our future, not an act of selfish indulgence. Mark's tailored workout routines have been challenging, flexible, rewarding, and "progressively" intense. I'm already seeing and feeling results mid-way through my "Fit at 40" program, and can't wait to see what the future holds. Mark's passion for fitness is contagious and I find myself eagerly looking forward to each of our sessions (it helps that he's a great conversationalist)! I highly recommend Progressive Athletics to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

Joey G.

I was coming off a knee injury and I wanted to cut some weight for the summer. Progressive Athletics had no problems helping create a program specific for my goals that has shown progress! I'm down over 10 lbs but feel stronger than ever since I've started with Progressive Athletics. And the program has been very helpful in getting my knee back up to speed! The trainers are there for you every step of the way to help you meet your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Dana B.

Working out with Haaris has been great. I work harder with him that I ever did on my own and see that I can do much more than I realized. Haaris tailors every workout to my abilities and needs and makes sure that I don't injure myself. I love the increased strength I've achieved from working 'progressively' with Haaris!

Christina C.

I've been working out with Mark Covington for about 6 months, and I highly recommend Progressive Athletics! As a woman in my mid-40's, my metabolism was slowing down, and I was suffering from anxiety from recent family health stressors. My coping mechanism was apathy for life. Having an in-house personal trainer has absolutely changed me--I needed the motivation of someone showing up at the door to get me off my butt. Mark's positive attitude and great workout programs have kept me focused on my goal of better health and positive body image. My physique and attitude are improving. Hiring a personal training is not just an investment in your physical and mental health; it is money well spent on your self-esteem! Can't recommend them enough!

Marcy S.

I've been working with Haaris for several months and he is an excellent trainer. With his physical therapy experience in combination with his patient, caring manner, he is providing me with a great comprehensive workout. He is flexible and can easily modify workouts to adjust to my individual needs. I highly recommend Progressive Athletics for a fantastic fitness experience!

Emily R.

For anyone looking for a new mental and physical challenge, I would highly recommend checking out Progressive Athletics. In 12 weeks I got stronger physically, but it's actually my mind i'm most proud of. I called Progressive Athletics because I wanted a workout program that would challenge me and help me accomplish some non-scale victories: clothes that fit better, improved strength, and better endurance. Haaris helped me achieve those victories and many more. I can now do 30 push-ups, and do pull-ups with confidence. But the most memorable victory to me is my mental progress. Haaris helped me realize that resistance training gives me a different kind of ideal body to aspire to: a body defined not by how it looks, but by what it can do. Haaris programmed workouts that were fun and challenging and I looked forward to learning new movements and routines every other week.

I know the idea of committing your mind and body to a 12 week program can be a little intimidating, but Haaris will tell you that you don't need to be perfect in order to see changes, but to simply start where we are and enjoy the victories along the way. Enjoying the simple accomplishments I've made and appreciating the hard work i've put in helps me forget my 'flaws' and feel stronger and more confident than ever before. I highly reccommend connecting with coach Haaris.