If we were to describe our classes in one word…

We’d have to go with variety.

You will never do the same workout twice, and our workouts are designed to be fun, effective, and social.

Group Strength and Conditioning

After your onboarding, you will enter our Group Strength and Conditioning classes. You will be able to take advantage of two different class types based on your preference.

  1. Bootcamp - high energy, high-intensity class consisting of bodyweight, medicine ball, and kettlebell movements. The focus of this class is to have as much fun as possible, improve your core strength, and burn as many calories as possible.
  2. Tribe - a strength based class consisting of dumbbell and barbell movements. The focus of this class is to increase lean muscle, improve strength, and tone you up. 

You will be prescribed a combination of these classes based on what your goals are.

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One-on-One Training

In order to prepare you for your fitness journey with us, we take you through our 2-week onboarding program. This program is designed to give you the best experience possible and consists of the following...

  • An initial goal-setting session.
  • A personalized fitness assessment based on your goals.
  • 3 one-on-one personal training sessions. (or more if needed)
  • A reassessment to ensure you are prepared to join our group classes.

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching is available if you are interested in losing weight, improving performance, or just generally looking to be healthier. We have a 2-phase approach to our nutrition coaching.

  1. Phase 1 - Eliminate before you moderate. We will give you a foundational nutrition template to follow that will help you understand the fundamentals of how to eat healthy.
  2. Phase 2 - We will begin introducing foods back into your nutrition program. This builds on phase 1 and makes for a very sustainable nutrition program that you will be able to follow as long as you'd like.

In addition to your nutrition programs, we will schedule quarterly nutrition meetings so that we can ensure you are continuing to make progress.

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